minecraft hunger games??

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    i have heard about this and if anyone knows of anything when matches start or whatever please message me!! thanks :)

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    With the games current update status Hunger Games may be a little hard to pull off but here's a link to some peeps who were looking to put it together a while back.




    Dunno if they're still doing it?


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    i have made a hunger games if you are keen add me GT :                   Thewalkingdead4

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    Add me for minecraft fun :)

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    I'm down for the hunger games, I'll even help if anyone wants to make an arena, message me any time: sadosify

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    same here... ill play anytime. Just send me an invite

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    im up for some hunger games. add me anytime

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    Im up for a game also

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    im game but won't be on for a week or two.