looking for flat seed

    • Level   4

    im looking for a seed that is fairly flat and close to sea level without a large amount of water. I want to build my own sky block so me and my friends can see how we can do. also if you know how sky block is made and what is in the chest that would be a great help but i think i have a general idea lol.

    • Level   8

    I don't think you will find one that is that flat. And what is a skyblock? Maybe when they add creative on 360 they will add the "super flat" generation option the PC has.

    • Level   7

    I understand that is also now an option on match.com  

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    • Level   8

    Hahaha nice

    • Level   5

    well you could try my gamertag as a seed, there is some part's that are flat in the upper right corner of the map. yep i used my gamertag as a seed, and it's actually kind of nice if you like to have the southern part cover in ice & snow.

    • Level   3

    Sorry, the map generator usually makes hills and caves and all that. I'm pretty sure it would be hard to find a seed like that, so try waiting 'til creative mode.

    • Level   1

    turnofthetide is a pretty flat seed. it has sections that are hilly but its pretty flat.

    • Level   1

    When Will That be?

    • Level   9

    I used this video on how to make it.


    • Level   3

    distilled1308 is pretty flat on the southern landmass with plains biome and some snow.  The north has a lot of mountains but the southern part is pretty flat with some low lying rolling hills.

    • Level   5

    109321796  and Bambi have flat lands if i recall reading some time ago

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    • Level   2

    A sky block is sky block survival. You build a platform high in the air and you try to survive off it without getting off it it is really fun.