Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Seeds

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    Anybody know some great seeds they can share that may come in handy for others?:)

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    well if you like snow seed then type this two words winter, & jungle. both of them well have about 50 to 85 percent of the map in snow.

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    I like Duke Leto II

    It has all available biomes and resources and is very beautiful.  I have a tourist train around the map if you want to check out the seed.  Just add me as a friend.  

    Friend me on LifeInvader, follow me on Bleeter, and track me online at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/wildattorney/games/gtav/career/overview#gtaonline 

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    If you use seeds after the update, will clay spawn the way it should?


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    gargamel (case sensitive) is a great one, so is Dead Mau5

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    I typed Tutorial and got a map filled with islands. It was preaty cool to explore.

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    I feel so out of it, I did not know what the seed thing was!

    Thank you guys.

    I <3 Zombies and Squishy Ambitions

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    Pleasure to help:)

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    Dead Mau5 is a great seed, I started it yesterday and it's great for mountains, trees, cave systems and beautiful landscapes!

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    Try using your gamertag or variations of your gamertag. Interesting results at times.