100 Tips For Minecraft

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    The following are 100 quick tips for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition:

    1.  You can stack fences, but only if you do so from top to bottom


    2.  You can create a pool of unlimited water by digging a 2 x 2 square 1 block deep and placing water on two opposite corners


    3.  If you press the right analog stick and enter crouch mode, you cannot fall off of a block (very useful for extending a bridge, etc)


    4.  Mining obsidian that sits atop an active lava flow can be frustrating if the obsidian drops into the lava below immediately upon being mined.  This problem can be solved by placing 1 block of water over the obsidian you are mining.  When the obsidian is mined, the water will turn the lava below into obsidian before the block you mined drops into the lava. You can then mine the new obsidian below as well.


    5.  While you can eliminate water in a cave by placing a block over the source of the water, you can accomplish the same thing by collecting the source water in a single bucket.


    6.  Signs, ladders and sugar cane will hold back water, allowing you to create an airlock for easy access to and from water. 


    7.  If you are under water and place a torch, the torch will extinguish, but there will be a momentary air bubble created which can keep you alive underwater forever (as you get your torch back when it goes out).


    8.  If you place a door underwater, it will create a permanent air bubble for as long as the door is there.  The door need not be connected to any structure.


    9.  If you place a torch underneath a block supporting a column of sand or gravel and then mine the supporting block, when the sand and gravel fall on the torch, they will immediately be turned into resource blocks that you can pick up by walking over them (no need to physically mine the sand or gravel).  In lieu of a torch, you can also use a slab, which has the same effect.


    10.  Assuming you are level, you only need one powered rail for each 30 or so unpowered rails to maintain a fairly steady speed when traveling by minecart.  Minecarts don’t go anywhere near as far when they are unoccupied, so be sure to run your tests on an occupied minecart (unless you intend to use unoccupied minecarts in your rail network for some reason).


    11.  You can quickly build a very tall tower by pressing A to jump immediately followed by pressing the left trigger to place a block beneath you.


    12.  After you create the tower referenced in tip #11 above, you can turn that tower into a lava tower simply by pouring a bucket of lava on the top of the tower (you will want to jump off quick).


    13.  MOBs cannot spawn on glass or single slabs (although they can spawn on double slabs, which the game effectively considers a normal block).


    14.  Many of the seeds used in the PC version will work on the Xbox 360 version.


    15.  For each block you travel in the Nether, you are traveling 3 blocks in the Overworld (much less than in the PC version).  This is useful for fast travel between two Nether Portals in the Overworld (the world you normally play in).


    16.  The world is limited in size to 1024 x 1024 blocks.  While you can mine the last block at the edge of the world, you cannot place a block in that last block space.


    17.  You can find diamonds on layers 1-15 above bedrock, but the largest distribution of diamond can be found between layers 5 and 12 (the percentages of diamond in these 8 layers are roughly equal, with a very minor drop in diamonds at layer 9).


    18.  Mushrooms are most commonly found in caves and in the Nether.


    19.  Soul sand, found exclusively in the Nether, is best used in creating docks (by slowing boats).


    20.  Netherrack, found exclusively in the Nether, will burn forever once lit on fire. This can be used in lieu of torches.


    21.  If you set a pig on fire, he will drop cooked pork.


    22.  When playing online, you can join the maps of “friends of friends,” when means that people who are strangers to you can join your map.


    23.  To avoid griefing (others joining your map and destroying your creations), it is recommended that you save the map when they join.  If you do so, and someone destroys your creation or steals your loot, you can recover by simply exiting without saving.


    24.  Squid will spawn not only in oceans, but lakes and even waterfalls. 


    25.  Land animals will spawn on your property if it has grass.


    26.  If a block is next to a cactus, it will not grow beyond one block tall and will drop to the ground its extra growth.  This is useful in creating automated cactus farms.


    27.  If you place bonemeal on a recently planted plant (sugar cane, tree, cactus, etc), it will instantly grow to maturity (provided it is located in an environment where it has physical room to grow).


    28.  You can get rid of liquids (water or lava) easily by placing a block over it.  When you re-mine that block, the liquid will be gone.


    29.  A better way to get rid of liquids is to place torches over it.  It works exactly the same way as other blocks, but you don’t have to waste your pickaxe mining the blocks.


    30.  Try to avoid digging directly above or below you, as you may fall into lava or cause lava to fall on you.


    31.  When you hit a creeper, he will back up slightly and move to his right.  If you also back up and move to your right, you can keep a distance from him before he explodes.


    32.  If dealing with mobs is a hassle, switch to Peaceful mode, where there are no hostile mobs.


    33.  It is not guaranteed that all seeds will have all resources.  For instance, the tutorial world does not have sugarcane.  Some seeds don’t have pumpkins.  Other seeds don’t have cactus.  That said, there are many seeds that do have all resources.  If playing a new seed, you may want to check on the resources before you invest yourself too heavily in that game.


    34.  If you are digging and you hear multiple mobs, chances are you are close to a cave.  If you hear the same noises on Peaceful mode, look around you in real life to assure there is not a zombie apocalypse going on.


    35.  Glowstone and pumpkin torches will work underwater.


    36.  Sugarcane must be planted next to water for it to grow. 


    37.  Cactus and trees do not need to be planted near water in order to grow.


    38.  Cactus will destroy blocks you throw at them, which means they can be used as a garbage can.


    39.  Placing cactus around the perimeter of your property will provide you some level of defense.


    40.  With a little work, you can turn the dispenser into an automated fire arrow cannon.


    41.  Redstone wiring only extends for so long before it no longer carries a signal.  You can resolve this issue by placement of a repeater to extend the signal.


    42.  Certain items can only be crafted in a furnace, such as stone, glass, green dye, charcoal, etc.


    43.  Gold tools should be avoided.  They have high speed, but very low durability.


    44.  Build your mine access inside your house so it is easy to get to and you don’t have to risk mobs.


    45.  mobs will spawn inside your house if it is not well lit.


    46.  If you attack a Pigman in the Nether, all of his friends will quickly gang up on you.


    47.  When chopping trees, start with the block second from the bottom.  That way you can stand on that bottom block to reach the higher tree blocks.


    48.  Your respawn point will be wherever you last slept in a bed. 


    49.  A quick way to start an underwater base is to dive underwater and dig three blocks down, and then place a block above you.  There will now be air in  your two block space and you can build out your underwater base from there.


    50.  When you mine, a good strategy is to mine two blocks high (so that you can fit through the tunnel).  When you reach the end of your tunnel, move three blocks over and start your parallel tunnel at that point, such that there are two blocks between your new tunnel and your old tunnel.  If there are any resources in the two rows you have not mined, you will see them in one or the other tunnels.


    51.  A boat will automatically go to the top of any body of water.  This means that if you take a boat to a waterfall, it will quickly elevate itself to the top of the waterfall.  This can make for a quick elevator to the top of structures.


    52.  You can use water to flush away all grass and quickly harvest wheat.  Just pour a bucket.


    53.  You can use buckets of water to vertically climb areas that you normally would not otherwise be able to climb without mining.  Simply pour water above you, enter the ensuing waterfall and press A to climb.  Repeat as necessary to get to the top.


    54.  You can use pools of water to jump off high structures.  This is particularly useful when making lava towers or other tall structures quickly.  Simply build a pool of water at the base of the structure.  The water will need to be one block deep for each 19 blocks of altitude you are jumping from to avoid damage.


    55.  You can avoid damage to your mining pick by quickly switching between picks while mining ore.  Only the pick that is being used when the block collapses is assigned durability damage. 


    56.  You can build canals with flowing water contained by signs, pressure plates, or other blocks and travel on those canals by boat much faster than you could walk.


    57.  You can use a bucket of lava as a fuel in the furnace.  A bucket of lava lasts a long time, typically as long as it takes to cook three to four stacks.  However, you lose the bucket.


    58.  If you position a minecart at the bottom of falling lava, you can pass through the lava fall by entering and exiting the minecart, which will teleport you to the other side of the lava.  This is particularly useful to create a hidden doorway to a secret room where you may store your valuables.  If you build it correctly, the minecart will not be visible and most people will not think to get too close to falling lava.


    59.  When mining or going through caves, it is a good idea to have a bucket of water with you.  If you come in contact with lava, you can quickly use the bucket to extinguish the flames and hopefully survive the encounter (just pour it at your feet).


    60.  TNT, bookshelves, wool, fences, wood, planks, and wooden stairs are flammable.  If you build these next to an open lava source, they may catch on fire, causing a lot of headache.  Of note, though—lava will not ignite anything below it—just above it and to the sides.


    61.  The embers and fireballs that come out of lava are purely decorative.  They will not be the cause of any fires.


    62.  If lava flows horizontally into water, cobblestone is created.  But if water flows horizontally into lava, nothing happens.


    63.  If vertically falling water touches still lava on any side obsidian is created, even if the water would not run into the lava’s square.


    64.  Lava which is flowing will destroy the following in its path: wheat, flowers, mushrooms, levers, both types of torches, redstone wire, and rails. Lava doesn't flow over pressure plates, fences, or even wood or wool blocks.  Sugar cane holds back lava, but will disappear if the sugar cane’s water source is destroyed by the lava.


    65.  Using a redstone wire, a one-block lava flow can be redirected by supplying power to the spring block, which will cause it to reset the flow towards the now-nearest terrain depression. It cannot, however, be reversed.


    66.  Lava can be easily duplicated in the following manner.  A 2x1 depression is mined out of dirt, and a bucket of lava is poured against the back “wall” of the depression.  Once the lava begins to glow, it can be scooped back into the bucket.  After a few frames, the lava will reappear in the depression while also being in the bucket.  Both are source blocks that can be placed and collected.  While occasionally this method just destroys the source block, the majority of times it duplicates it.


    67.  Minecarts will favor South or East motion at a four way intersection because they favor “starting” at the North or West edge.  This helps you predict minecart travel and plan your minecart network effectively.


    68.  Be careful when exiting a minecart.  If there is only one block of headroom above you, you will take damage exiting the minecart.


    69.  A minecart can actually jump from a higher rail in elevation to a lower rail.  However, the rider will take damage when it lands on the new rail line.


    70.  If you place water in the corners of a doorway, you can make a water door, which looks cool and has some effect on keeping out mobs (although if they see you, they will follow you through a water door).


    71.  Pigs can be ridden while in Minecarts, although a saddle is needed. This gives you a self-propelling minecart.


    72.  You can’t place most blocks atop a chest and still be able to access it.  However, you can place stairs on top of a chest and still access it.  The back of the stone stairs looks identical to cobblestone.  By placing stairs on top of chests, you can stack chests flush against a wall.


    73.  Always place your door while standing outside of your house.  That way the mobs cant get onto your doorstep.


    74.  The easiest way to make a water elevator is, at the top of your tower, make a C formation of blocks extending out the side of the tower (the gap created by the C formation should be one block in size).  Then simply pour water in that gap.


    75.  You can attach signs to each other whether or not there is a wall or ground present.  However, every sign connected in this way will be destroyed if you destroy the original sign.


    76.  You can get four dyed wool for the price of one by dying the sheep before you shear/knock the wool off.


    77.  You can navigate a cave without getting lost by placing torches on only one side.


    78.  You can walk 50% faster over shallow water (one block deep) by looking down and continuously clicking on the ground below you while holding a bucket.


    79.  If you want to fireproof your wooden structures, build them out of stacked wooden slabs instead of wood.  Unlike wood, stacked wooden slabs are fireproof.


    80.  If you need to get underneath a bridge or other block that extends out, you can use water as a scaffold.  Simply pour a bucket out the side and jump in the water.  You will be able to navigate below the block and return to the top of the block.


    81.  You can use paintings to conceal a passageway by placing the painting over the passageway.  You will be able to pass through the painting, but other people won’t know the passage way is even there.


    82.  Water and lava behave differently.  If you destroy the source block of water, all of the water is gone.   However, if you destroy the source block of lava, much of the lava remains.


    83.  When exploring caves, always be sure to have torches.  They are essential.


    84.  Wooden chests and crafting tables will not burn even though they may appear to catch fire. 


    85.  In peaceful mode, fire hurts you at the same rate you gain health, so fire alone can't kill you. 


    86.  Fire can be used to kill mobs without them becoming hostile to you


    87.  Punching or hitting the side of a burning block will extinguish the fire block “attached” on that side. Hitting fire with a tool does not use up any uses for the tool.  Placing water, sand or gravel will also extinguish fire.


    88.  In this version of minecraft, there are only two kinds of music discs in the world--CAT and 13 (more will be added in the updates).


    89.  While gems and iron are more likely to be found in caves because of more surface area, they are also more likely to be split by the caves, yielding less ore. 


    90.  In some vein formations, ores connect diagonally. It is therefore wise to mine around the ore to see if more can be found. 


    91.  The underside of the crafting table has the same texture as wooden planks, which means that they can be secretly placed in ceilings of wooden houses. 


    92.  You can put a pumpkin over your head by placing the pumpkin in the inventory box where you would normally place your helmet.  Fun in multiplayer, but it somewhat restricts your visibility. 


    93.  Slabs are non-solid to redstone.   As a result, you can hide redstone wiring in a slab covered channel while still being able to connect to the wire on the sides of the slab. 


    94.  You can fish in any body of water (even man-made).  If the water has open air above it, the chance to catch a raw fish is 1/300 every tick (1/20 of a second).  If you fish inside, the chance to catch a raw fish is 1/500.  On average, you can catch a raw fish every 15 seconds when fishing outside, and one every 25 seconds while inside.


    95.  Coal can be found at most elevations, but appears together in much greater quantities below sea level.


    96.  It is much more efficient to turn wood into charcoal and then use the charcoal for smelting than it is to smelt entirely with wood.  Two saplings can be burned to produce one charcoal, avoiding the need to use any wood for smelting.


    97.  Like pork, raw fish can be placed in a furnace to produce cooked fish, which provides more health when eaten.


    98.  For the most productive fishing, cast into the water with a large wall at your back - when fish are reeled in, they can fly out of the water and over your head, possibly going back into the water, especially if you are fishing from a boat.


    99.  Slime balls exist in this version of the game, but there is no use for them until the Xbox 360 version gets updated to the equivalent of Beta version 1.73 of the PC version, which will be occurring in the near future.  So you probably want to hang on to them for now.


    100.  Try not to spend all your time playing Minecraft. Enjoy life!

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    That's cool , thank you very much :)!

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    I will probably update this thread with more tips as I discover them

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    Lol at 34..

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    Awesome list!

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    34 was awesome. A question though, do you have a video showing the minecart lava jump. That sounds wicked.

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    Haunted Spider:  See watch?v=jYYPpyLZx8

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    Wow this font is tiny, even for me and I like my font small! Anyways great tips bud, respect. ^.^

    "You can do anything you set your mind to man." - Eminem

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    I have to question 33. In another post I mentioned using the tutorial level to clown around and basically do things I would never do in my regular world. During one such expedition as I was looking for the light house, I ran into a single block of sugarcane. I will double check to see and make sure I got that right, because honestly everywhere I go everyone says its not there, but I'm pretty certain that's exactly where I saw it.

    I'll try checking youtube for any videos of it also should there be any.

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    #72, 81, and 93 - Awesome tips! Oh, and the one about RL zombie invasions on peaceful, lol.

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    If there is sugar cane on the tutorial world, I stand corrected (although I believe my point remains that not all maps have all resources, so its good to scout around before you get too invested).  I wonder what you mean by "a single block of sugar cane," though, as sugar cane comes in three blocks  when fully grown and sugar cane always grows naturally in small groups (at least in my experience).  I don't understand how you could find only one block.

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    Oh I agree with you, not all maps have all resources. My current biome doesn't have any snow whatsoever on it. All it does is rain...sigh.


    As for the sugarcane, my wording was misleading. When I said a single block I meant as in the three blocks you referred to. Since they are three blocks growing as one on a single dirt block I just said a single block but it was the same three you mentioned. No other stalks or groups of three (if that makes better sense) anywhere near it.


    Naturally I will have to try and double check my own statement to be sure that's where I found it, but I'm pretty certain that's where it was found. I don't generally play on other maps and at the time in question, I had only seen two seeds. My own main one, and the tutorial one. (note: As of this post however I have been on other seeds in other peoples games since)


    Basically I was just out looking for the light house I saw in a youtube video and for the secret passage in the castle I had heard about. I found them both. However the secret passage left something to be desired as it was more like a batcave under the castle lol. Still during all that hunting for the light house I stumbled on what I recall was a stalk of sugar cane.


    I walked first to the castle, then spent the night there, afterwards I exited out a hole I made in the left side of the castle and proceeded along the water past the village and onto a HUGE slab of ice that covered most of the water. I was initially in a boat but then the boat appeared to just break on me because it was just gone all of a sudden right out from under me.  I continued to follow the shoreline as I recalled the light house being just off that shoreline and figured I would just stumble upon it if I kept that way.


    Possibly a night or two later is when I just saw the green from the sugarcane off in the distance and swam over to get it. At the time I had no idea it was even scarce or even that it was supposed to not exist there.Although I remember the moment clearly because it was then that I thought to myself it must be possible to actually play your whole MC experience on the demo seed.


    Since this thread is not the first thread I've seen stating there's no sugar cane on that seed, I'm going to have to hold out on a definite verdict just yet. At least until I can verify for certain that I was not mistaken. But I will say I'm pretty sure it was the demo seed where I found it. Next time I have a chance to mess in the demo, I'll have my camera ready lol. (Starting to feel like my demo seed sugar cane is the Herobrine of sugar cane lol)

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    No offense attorney,but most of these are obvious.

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    No offense leather, but that was a pretty foolish comment you made there.  "Most of these" may be "obvious" to you, but they are not necessarily obvious to others.  If you have played the PC version for years, you are likely to know most of these tips, but this list isn't intended for those players--it's posted on Xbox.com, afterall.  I suspect that most people that play the game on Xbox don't know that you can use a minecart to make a secret passage through falling lava.  I think many people don't know that, if you mine obsidian through flowing water above it, this prevents the obsidian piece from falling into the lava below before you can grab it.  Many others don't know that slabs can be used to hide redstone wiring without destroying the circuit.  Some people on here don't know that you can stack fences if you do it top-to-bottom instead of bottom-to-top.  Others don't know that you can create a temporary air bubble under water with torches or a permanent air bubble with doors, etc.  I suggest to you that most Xbox players don't know that if you place a torch underneath a block of sand, the sand will automatically turn into resource blocks when it falls.  In fact, I would argue that even most PC players don't know that, in the Xbox version, one block of travel in the Nether counts for only 3 blocks of travel in the Overworld (much less than in the PC version).  I also get the impression that most people stamp out lava with blocks instead of torches, not knowing that they can avoid the wear and tear on their pick.  A fair percentage of people probably don't know how to set up an automatic cactus harvester.  Many also don't know that water can be poured to quickly harvest wheat.  The list goes on.  In the end, you seem oblivious to the fact that this is a list of 100 tips.  When you set forth that many tips, you are bound to include many that will be "obvious" to some.  Hence, I say to you, without any intent to offend, that your post reflects a serious lack of thought about the subject on which you are posting.

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    in fact , im vary happy to learn these things :)