Slimes in minecraft

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    Hello community, I have been playing the minecraft xbox 360 edition since it came out. I have been looking for the so called illusive slimes. I'm playing on an older map seed that does not contain clay. The map was mape about a month before the first bug update was released. I have wanted to find slimes in preparation for the 1.7 update with pistons, but i have had failure after failure after finding them. I have made multiple rooms in certain areas of the map at certain depths and watched videos as many people have had success doing the same thing. (My friend has a map seed the same age as mine and he has no problem finding slimes) What should i do to find these slimes?Multiple have told me that slimes DO spawn on older maps like mine. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Try using this slime finder tool or this one.


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    I'm still playing a pre-patch world and I just found slimes yesterday. All I did was dig down to bedrock and started using TNT to clear about a 50X50X6 open space. Lit up the area with torches and after a few minutes they started spawning and they respawn just about every time I go back down there now. Might have been just luck finding it in the first area I cleared though.

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    Turn it off peaceful.