Minecraft seeds

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    George Carlin<=======(best seed)= EVERYTHING

    fly= lots of mountains

    freaky=mountains grassy

    gargamel (over used) 

    Diamonds (caves mountains lava waterfall or lavafall Large cave

    Modern Warfare arches mountains plains ocean

    Sorry for my language but Suck My *** 99911 is great 4 exploration

    From The Depths of Hell Does The Fallen Rise =ocean somewhat mountainous


    404 (great challenge)

    Skyrim=Snowy mountainous

    forever alone(barren dessert)

    i dont care (large mountains)

    Swamp(just epic mountain forest never ending cave)

    asdf (jungle mountainous)

    Waterfalls (nice terrain)

    givemeasnowworld thats Give Me A Snow World all one word no space (mountains snow)

    Wolf (Well Duh Besides the obvious its frozen)

    Ansem Seeker of Darkness (Awesome mountains also this with apostraphes like 'Ansem Seeker of Darkness' its got Huge Caves)

    murdock (great exploration mineing

    Glacier (of course in explanible try it n see

    all of these are on me i think we need a reliable source of seeds when we need them i think it shows my gt if not its killer ss red im game for minecraft anyday 

    Post more that your know i didny put all the 20 character seeds maybe later

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    oh it bleeped the 7th down thats suppose to be Di ck no space

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    This is outdated

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    I like the tut. seed also "Strongholds" is a nice world with a stronghold lots of mountains, easy to find abandoned mineshafts and lots of forest, not a lot of desert.

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    I honestly LOVED this seed... Anyone know how to get it ? The newest Update does not give it to you.

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