Minecraft Xbox 360 Texture Packs

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     (This is a message to Microsoft studios)

    Hey microsoft studios,

    I got your xbox 360 version of minecraft a couple weeks ago and I think it runs smoothly and its great. I just have one suggestion for you guys. Can you guys please add a couple (microsoft points required) texture packs so we can buy it and use it? Each texture pack can be worth about 80-120 microsoft points, possibly sixty. You can add texture packs suck as Doki-craft which is popular on the PC version. The first one you release (Doki-craft) can be free for anyone who has the full version. The others can be payable, if you want.


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    Texture Packs will be added after the 1.8 update. (No confirmed update date)

    4J Studios Tweet


    We are looking at texture packs. We want to get the 1.8.2 update out first though.

    SOURCE -->https://twitter.com/4JStudios/status/222254308916330496

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    I suspect, however, that they will be at the same resolution as the current game (i.e., 16x16).  The great thing about the PC version is that you can have high quality texture packs.  That may not be possible on the Xbox version.  So you would probably be exchange one low resolution texture with another low resolution texture.

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    Plus when they do put it up for download number 1 it's not going to be free it's Xbox not ps3

    And number 2 there not goings to sell 1 texture PAK to you it might include like 2 or 3 at the least

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    simple craft is a good one that may get mincraft 360 ed to run smoother on an xbox arcade

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    I have been playing Minecraft ever since I got Xbox live and I think it's a great game but it would be greater with mods and texture packs.

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    I personally think that is a great idea and it absolutely should be applied.

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    Does anyone know when 1.4 update (with the wither) will come out on minecraft xbox edition if so send a message to YodaIsDUHman

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    Does anyone know when 1.4 update (with the wither) will come out on Minecraft Xbox 360 edition if so send a message to YodaIsDUHman