Minecraft Tutorial Seed?

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    I've tried searching and I just can't find it anywhere. I was recently messing around in the tutorial world in Minecraft and have grown pretty attached to it. I found the most awesome cave network, but I just can't call the level home because of all the buildings and things there. I was wondering if there was a known seed for the barebones word without the buildings... one that I can save and load and name. I know I can save a tutorial level, I just want a fresh world of the same layout.

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    I do not believe there is a particular seed for the tutorial map since anyone can access it at anytime.

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    maybe if you post on your blog some mine craft nerd will help you.

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    I checked around on the Minecraft.net forums and alot of people are claiming that 1171544198849424676 is the Tutorial World Seed. (It maybe wrong, but worth a try non the less).


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    Tutorial seed: 1171544198849424676

    i don't know why they to out the part that they show you what seed you have/had when you load your game after the update that fix the problem's for the second update.

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    it would be interesting to try the seed on my comp and minecraft mobile

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    The seed after the update as of 2/3/2013 4:50pm Az time the seed is: 964147668894744996 i hope this helped if anyone would like to @@@ me my gamertag is TehnoobisDOA if this doenst show that

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    I know that is a thread for Minecraft Xbox 360, but i finally got the maps of the tutorials working on PC , so i post a link to download them if you're interested :


    (i'm the only Xbox player who have some downloadable files so i feel like i have to share them)

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    i will post you the seed next day , but i know it