Minecraft Ideas

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    Does anyone have any great ideas they want to share? I already have in mind what i want to do for my world but just getting new ideas i can maybe expand on. All credit will go to their respective owners. Also if you have any flat land seeds please let me know.

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    You could always build a maze with traps n everything. I'm currently working on one right now with pressure plated doors that only let you go one way and I'm building it around a mob spawned.

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    make a neighborhood with blocks and streets at 1 block = 1 meter scale approx with every house you and your friends have lived/stayed at (so you know the layout and sizes).  Furnish each house.


    Make an airport with airplanes in the air, runway, hangars and at the terminal.


    Wall off and secure the city you've built so MOBs can't get inside.