Good seed names for starting a new world.

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    Does anyone know the name of any good seeds for starting a new world? Haven't really played around this. Usually I just type forest, lake, beach or something.

    Looking for a world which has good green grass (not dry grass), loads of diamonds, loads of gold, loads of irons, easy to find dungeons, and good beaches with a generous amount of sand and coal and trees and a world which gets good sun and preferably doesn't have towering cliffs/mountains.

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    Try seed name: worstseedever, I started this one a few weeks ago, there's a mix of large sand and forests, lots of little islands as well. I've explored most on the map and haven't found a singe huge towering mountain.

    There's a cave stacked with resources and a zombie spawner right in front of the spawn area. So Iron tools and weapons first night. Now I've started to strip mine, I've been finding Iron, Diamonds, Coal etc very fast, usually in blocks of 8.

    If this isn't what your looking for, try here:- 

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