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    Will Mods Be Available In The Xbox 360 1.8.2 update

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    Well if you are speaking of those modifications that the user must implement, I would say there would be a 99.99% chance of modifications being allowed for Minecraft 360 version, as I'm certain that would violate a portion of the TOU.

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    4J CTO Paddy Burns
    While he couldn't speak in specifics, Burns was more than happy to paint a general picture of what fans might expect. "The mods that are being done on the PC, obviously we can't just take those, but we are having a look at what people are enjoying and thinking could we do content that would pick up on the key things that people are enjoying in mods, and add them to the [console] game. At the moment that is what I would call the long-term view."

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    However I don't see this happening in the 1.8.2 update, but may sometime after.