Monster Spawner

    • Level   1

    I have found three monster spawners in my world. The first one I destroyed and the next two I built traps for, info from other forums, but all I get is Zombies. Are there different spawners for the other MOBS? Thanks guys.

    • Level   3

    The spawners are random. You never know what spawner spawns what Mob. All you can do is be in the same room as the spawner and see what it is spawning...

    • Level   3

    ATM the only thing that spawns in monterspawners are skeletons, spiders, and zombies.

    • Level   1

    You can just build your own spawner if you're looking for creepers/gunpowder.    They're pretty efficient but they can be an eyesore.

    • Level   6

    Doesn't have to be an eyesore if you build it underground!

    Take a deep breath. Hold it. Let it out.

    • Level   3

    You can't build a Monster Spawner on Xbox. We don't have that block as an option....o.0

    • Level   2

    Yeah its skelebuds, spiders, and zombees