Minecraft Xbox 360 Free Server

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    Hello Xbox Forums! I am going to start a new minecraft server for everyone to join, this isnt like a thing where the first 8 people to comment or anything, nope, this is just a ful out server for evryone who wants to come and join. All you have to do is send "Unkn0wnG8m3r" a message saying i want to join your minecraft server & a friend request. I am also starting my youtube channel with this server with some videos and poeple and such, and i will soon be posting a video on my channel asking for people to join. my youtube channel is "youtube.com/Unkn0wnG8m3r2025" and go subscribe! ^_^

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    Can u please send me a request? I would really like to join you

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    I'm trying to find a serious server with lots of people...

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    I do a wide array of creations along the lines of Redstone. Would that be of any use to you, your server, and/or the members of your server. Oh, And might I recommend posting on the official Minecraft forum, Not as much as the Xbox's. You most likely will get more hits on your thread.

    The Only Dates I Get Are Updates D:

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    I can make a pretty good house. (Besides, I've never been on youtube before), And am a really good friend.