Hunger Games and multiplayer servers for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

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    Hunger games and multiplayer servers available for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

    Hunger Games, the rules:

    Rule 1. You can only break leaves and mushrooms

    Rule 2. No crafting, you can only find workbenches and other tools on the map

    Rule 3. You only have one life after that you become a sponsor to support the other players

    Rule 4. No entering the Host's house/control room you will be kicked unless authorized

    Rule 5. No bickering yelling and obnoxious music in the background of your mic when in party

    Rule 6. No building, such as making a dirt house/hiding-hole/ etc...

    Rule 7. No griefing when sponsor and/or player

    Rule 8. You must have an empty inventory before the game begins

    Rule 9. If you find a cave do not go in it to camp

    Rule 10. Have fun

    And may the odds be ever in your favor!

    Contact information:

    GM: NLNJA PLEA5E for friend request

    p.s no messaging or friend request in the middle of the night

    NLNJA PLEA5E multiplayer server 2

    I am glad to report that I have made a new multiplayer server to counter-act the change of biomes(forest biome turned into snow biome)  and to have more of a recent seed with all the new stuff( villages,mine shafts, etc). If you were with me when I created the first multiplayer server you will be refunded for the lost of your house, but not any of your personal belongings( keeps it fresh). In this new world when you get to the rank of a moderator you will have the choice to make your own kingdom
    ( unlike the older multiplayer server )  with a theme like farm village, future biodome, medieval kingdom, and etc... In this server there will be a new type of currency to prevent cheating for money: like the last server when our currency was paper the new currency will prevent people to farm sugar cane to paper. Rules have also changed so when your not a moderator you must join a faction/village/kingdom; so no building a house in the middle of the woods. Still some rules haven't changed and will not change such as griefing. Also when you build your kingdom you have the choice to make rules for your own kingdom with an acception. This server will ready to join on the first of Frebruary.

    Rule 1. No griefing obviously

    Rule 2. No building homes in any place except in the kingdom or faction you joined

    Rule 3. you cannot make your own farm unless authorized by you king/leader of your kingdom also unless its your job

    Rule 4. caves will be shut down with only one reservation for free mining so you must pay to go in a mine in your local area. you also need to make a reservation in advance. Example : strip mine the area you dig must have a sign saying, "No tresspassing"

    Rule 5. Follow all the extra rules of your kingdom or faction or you will be thrown in dungeon, banned from faction or, completely banned from server

    Rule 6. You can be highwayman but know that you will be thrown in dungeon you can only attack in area that is authorized in your faction/kingdom or attack player on the road from one kingdom to another.

    Rule 7. you can make tents outside in the wild but not a house; host will show you the building requirements for a tent not to break the rules

    Rule 8. There will be some reservations to build a campsite(like a trailer park) and to live their for free

    Rule 9. You can buy land when your not a moderator but it is very very expensive

    Rule 10. No being a thief or spawn camper PvP is only active when they leave 35 blocks from a kingdom or spawn zone

    Rule 11. No building ladders to climb across kingdom walls

    Rule 12. Have Fun

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    My gamertag is Xboxaddict596. I want to be able to join your multiplayer server and your hunger games map. Contact me as soon as possible.

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    I'd love for this server to be in my group,  i got over a 100 active/none greif ( I've played with most to check ) that would be very interested in this.

    Please join and post this if you are interested,  I've/ we've been looking for a server to join.

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    Hey can I join my gamer tag is haydos882

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    can i join i want to try it out my gamertag is sckittlz

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    Sent friend request would love to play

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    Gamertag is xxstrigzxx will like to play PLEASE!!!

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    Me and my mate want to play:




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    I would like to join expect me to add you at any moment

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    I'll send friend Request GT:fundaykaide(no space no captial)

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    anyone wanna join me i have 2 maps we can play

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    i also want to join your multiplayer server but not your hunger games map well thats all

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    I really would like to join this server my gamer tag is f3tus salad. Please contact me as soon as possible

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    could anyone tell me how i actually start my own hunger games on my xbox 360 console ? or find a server to join, i have no idea where to begin

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    id like to join gametag is Tw1x Tw1ster