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    I was playing, a message came up saying that I was signed into somewhere else

    I tried signing back in, looks like I'm banned

    Sc.r.e.w M$ The only reason I got Xbox was becuase of Rareware

    I'm done with my xbox, cya

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    if you guys still want to keep in touch, add my steam: Jayloonar

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    Well, it didn't explicitly say you were banned...
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    well I am :P

    I tried signing back in, and it says that im suspenededed for liek 9999 years

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    And why would that be? o.o
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    there was an exploit before they patched it where you can get free games XD

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    Well then THERE is your problem :)

    Tell it to the cleaning lady on Monday

    Because youll be pulverized into dust by Monday

    ..and the cleaning lady? She dusts.

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    you dont say

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    Unlucky m8, i believe another friend of mine was banned for the same reason.  0-0

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    Free is never free. If you live in America, you should know that.