Pinball FX2 - official info

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    Game Title: Pinball FX2


    Publisher: Microsoft Studios


    Developer: Zen Studios


    Release Date: 10/28/2010


    Price: Tables and Packs range from 200 to 800


    Brace yourself for the ultimate arcade action! Pinball FX is back and better than ever!  Pinball FX2, the sequel to the highly acclaimed Pinball FX will rock your world with unprecedented visual detail and exciting new features!

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    Nitpick: Cheapest tables are 200MSP.

    It's an awesome game, btw.

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    You are indeed correct - updated!

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    Nitpick...more expensive tables are easier. o.O I broke the 100m mark within a week of getting Mars.

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    It's about time this forum was back, but sadly the only motivation I see for that is the upcoming DLC.  

    These tables are slowly getting better and more fun with each new release.  F4 is my favorite so far...  Rome is probably the most disappointing for a new table.  The voice work on that one is atrocious!  The girl sounds like a disinterested robot....


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    Cant wait.

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    Great game Zen! I've been a pinball fan my whole life and you guys got it down. keep it up!


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    I love the girl voice in Rome,it's soothing,and soft spoken.I wish tables didn't come in collection.I only like rome and pasha,but forced to get secrets and biolab with it.

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    this is probably the only game i play regularly and never gets old...unfortunately only 1 of my friend's have it so if anyone wants to compete with me go ahead and add me.

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    Hello, how can I download this great game in european region (Hungary) I want this game somehow!

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    Love it!  On Wolverine board I keep going off the sides :(

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    I'm sorry Virusolo, the game is not currently available in Hungary.  Because the game has so much DLC, adding new regions is fairly difficult.  I believe you can switch your console region to another country and download it that way.

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    you would have to make a new gamertag and when you create it make sure you find a real address that has this game

    Sixty oz

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    Add me plz!

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    Hi everyone,

    is there any info whether the game will be available in European region? Specific - Czech Republic. Id like to play :)