Tips for Playing SEGA Bass Fishing Game

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    Hello, I'm a frequent player of SEGA Bass Fishing. I'm here to share a number of tips that may help you in your playing success:

    1. Consider the temperature and weather. When you are starting a fishing session, look at the current temperature and weather conditions. When temps are in the 60's, the fish will be slower to react. They will also be holding in deeper water near structures such as a log pile, a rocky shore, etc. Also the weather conditions will affect how the lure presentation be effective. In dark, rainy weather, the fish will be holding closer to structure. So temps in the 60s, go slow with a worm or a grub lure. Temps in the 70's, go with crankbaits or top water lures.

    2. Watch the waters when fighting a fish. When you are fighting a fish, watch the waters around the area. At times you will see BIGGER fish sitting around or moving into the area you just caught a fish from. Switching to those areas and a slower lure presentation would increase your chances of catching a big one. I have seen a big momma (20 lbs!) sitting by the woodpile with smaller bass chasing your fast lures. I switched to a slower lure/presentation to tempt the bigger fish. Also when you are in a higher play level such as Challenger or Pro, the bigger fish will move around during a fish fight.

    3. Tailor your lure presentations. You will find out that certain lures works better in certain situations. What works well at the docks will not work as well at the bridge, for example. Also if you worked a lure past a fish and they showed no interest, try another cast. Work the lure a bit slower or let it drop.

    4. Watch The Red Bar!! It is so frustrating to have a fish break off your line when you are so close to catching it! I find the hints they give out (turn rod right, put rod down, etc.) does not help much. I usually keep the rod up high all the way and concentrate on the retrieval speed. If its a small/medium fish, use the fast retrieve speed. If its a big one or a momma, use the slower speed. Hold the speed button down until the red bar hits the top. Release it momentarily, then resume the reel speed. When the fish gets closer to the boat, it will tire out. That's when you can go to high speed until the fish is landed.

    5. Watch the Clock!  Plan your casts with one eye on the clock. If you are catching fish well, continue with your current position and casting. If not, move to different area or change your lures. Your time periods will end at 10:00, 14:00 and 18:00. You will have time for one more deep cast when the clock is down to one minute left. If the clock is down to 30 seconds, try a shorter cast like to the deep end of the docks. And keep the reeling pressure up! I've had large mommas caught and landed with less than 5 seconds left. That can spell the difference between winning the tournament or placing second!

    6. Have Fun!!  Keep in mind this is just a game!


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    caught a 17 lb'er earlier it was pretty great.

    great tips by the way!!



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    How about a sega marine fishing game?or a sega vintage fishing collection!

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    Glad to have this title in my collection.

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    I had this on the Sega Dreamcast.  Thought about getting this for 360.  Dreamcast was fun cause I had the fishing rod controller.

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    just got this game having fun with it arcade mode was too easy but the other mode im having a bit of trouble catching fish or getting them to go for my lures im not sure if im using them right . I usually do a method like this let it drop or sink a bit then reel  reel pause and let it drop , reel reel pause ect. or i flick up on the right thumb stick a bit in between that with other lures like the spinner i just usually slowly reel it in steady and flick the stick a bit occasionally any tips from anybody on how to better attract the fish or tips for properly using the lures techniques anything ?

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    i tried searching online and on youtube i can't find anything about what im looking for anybody still play this game and view this forum ?

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    guess not *sigh*

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    I have found original mode to be extremely difficult so i just changed the settings to easy, it dosen't affect whether or not you get the achievements. I found using the top lures like the pencil bait to be quite effective in the morning and evening. the grub bait seemed to work at noon.

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    man im in love with this game had it on dreamcast aswell but its just as maddening on origanal mode as its always been.