how do i build the sleeping area?

    • Level   8

    i am suppose to build a sleeping area. i don't know how exactly i am suppose to do this. i keep getting that i don't have enough materials. how do i get more materials?

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    • Level   5

    I will tell you what to do see if there are any warehouses or constitution sites on you'r map. I find that warehouses has the most work material then go back to the safe house and build a sleeping area i hope this helps =)

    • Level   5

    ^^ and by constitution you probably mean construction. :-)

    Just search through every building close to your base, you'll find some materials sooner or later.

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    • Level   5

    lol oops thank you for the spell check =)

    • Level   7

    explore haha



    • Level   2

    I found some at the consttuction site near the church. Found enough to build sleeping area and a workshop.