Some info on pets.

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    So ive looked up on other forums about pets. They are summoned from items that can be found underground in chest, or on floating islands. These are the ones you can get:

    Cabbage: Summons a Guinea Pig

    Paintre Dish ( pretty much a plate): Summons a Slime

    Brain: Summons a Zombie

    Vial of Blood: Summons a Bat

    Those are the ones I remember, ill make another post after I check on the others.

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    To bad they don't help at all..

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    Apparently they're suppose to, but its nothing big. Could be wrong but people say the bat attacks things. (only seen it attack slime by what they say, that or it knocks them back). Theres a lot of thing that need to be fixed on thisl

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    I got the guinea pig! He's so adorably annoying!

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    This ^^^ lol

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    Well after about 10+ golden chest underground, I found a Petri Dish (Miss spelled it above by accident). So now I have a pet slime.

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    Petri Dish=Pet Slime


    Vial=Bat (From what I have seen the bat Flies through mobs and does 1 point of damage per hit)

    Wolf Fang=Werewolf

    Cabbage=Guinea Pig


    I don't know about the rest but those are the animals.

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    Oh wow, you can get a werewolf as a pet? I have a charm that you can wear that turns you into a werewolf on full moons.

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    Ruthless Tenjin

    I have a charm that you can wear that turns you into a werewolf on full moons.

    Whhhhaaat? That sounds amazing. lol I want to see that.

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    Haha, I forgot what it's called but I got it after killing one of the werewolves. I'll message you on what it's called when I get a chance.

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    Called the Moon Charm. I got a few of them to, after a good amount of werewolf farming.

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    Any one want a pet add EpicP4ND4girl and we trade pets but we don't have the wolf or the hornet sorry but we take any thing if you badly want a pet :-)

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    hey im looking for a pet slime and i have a demonite bars i can trade send me a friend request TrustingOhio72 i can only get on live on the weekends though

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    I Changed my gamertag from trusting ohio to Ole Cicero i will be online hopefully friday afternoon or saturday

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    When I am on next, I don't mind giving a few of the pet items away if anyone needs them :)

    Also the Werewolf Pet can damage enemies just by walking into them. Not sure about the hornet, never tried it near an enemy haha.

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