Should I Buy The Full Game?

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    I have the demo of Trials HD on my Xbox 360. Should I buy the full gamE?

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    Yes you should, it is a very addictive game to play! And...Trials Evolution should be out soon too!

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    its 1 of my top games to date.

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    It is certainly a great game & literally my favorite 360 game of all time and well worth owning.  Has the best physics of any game ever.  BUT, 2 things to consider,. 1) Trials Evolution (its sequel) should be coming out in the near future (no set release date though) and 2) The difficulty curve ramps up fairly quickly when you get to the hard & extreme tracks.  This game takes a LOT of practice in order to get better.  Some people who dont have the time or patience can find it frustrating, but for those who stick with it, the game is very rewarding.

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    The demo only gives you a few levels. The three that comes with the demo get old fast. The full version also lets you save your own user created tracks. One track can take hours, and sometimes days to create. It's great to be able to save and share them. Also, you can get more tracks from friends. Most fun I've had on the Xbox in a while. It's a steal at only 1200pts.  

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    I agree with what the others have said, it's a great game.  Super addicting.