UNO - official info

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    Game Title: UNO

    Publisher: Microsoft Studios

    Developer: Carbonated Games

    Release Date: 5/9/2006

    Price: 400

    Get your own fully playable version of UNO®, the worldwide party card game phenomenon! From realistic cards and top-notch audio cues to a highly customizable rule set, this is everything you love about UNO! Don't miss a moment of the #1 game for family fun - buy the full version today! Marketplace Link 
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    Isn't it 400 points? I'm sure it has been 400 points for years...

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    Yes, you are correct. The game is 400 Microsoft points

    UNO RUSH is the game that costs 800 points

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    Sorry about that, was grabbing original launch info when putting up some of these posts.  Fixed now - thanks!