What is your best deck?

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    Now I know this dueling and building decks is an art form, but with that Being said what Is you best deck Design in this game?   You can just give a concept if you don't want to post your deck. Though to start this off I am going to post my Alien deck.  This deck who strategy is about getting Cosmic Fortress Gol'gar out on the field and then bouncing continuous spell and traps back to your hard so you can destroy a card on your opponents side of the field. This deck can really drive someone batty and makes more rage quits than any other deck I have created besides my bad reaction deck which I told a friend I would not give it out.  So here goes if you have the cards test play it and let me know what you think. 

    Monsters 14

    Alien Shocktrooper x3 

    Alien Ammonite x3 (this card is key to run this deck alway gold if you do not have one.)

    Alien Kid x3

    Alien Warrior x3

    Marshmallon  (stall)

    Spirit Reaper (stall)

    Spells 15

    Bait doll x2

    Card trader x2

    Deck Lockdown x2 (For glads and blackwings)

    Gold Sarcophagus x2 (search mainly for alien Ammonite)

    Heavy Storm 

    Kaiser Colosseum x 2 (great card in this deck)

    Monster Reborn 

    Swords of Revealing light. (behind Cosmic fortress is awesome bounce back)

    Vengeful Bog Spirit x2 (more stall and bounce back. When Bounced back doesn't stop your attack)

    Traps 12

    Dark Bribe x2 

    Defense Draw x3 

    Divine Wrath x2 

    Light of intervention (great at stoping flip effects)

    Mask of restrict (no pesky Monarchs or lava golems)

    Mirror Force

    Nightmare wheel x2. (burn plus bounce back)

    Extra deck 15

    Ally of justice catastor x 2 (the only other synchro I normally summon)

    Black Rose Dragon

    Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier

    Colossal Fighter 

    Cosmic Fortress Gol'Gar x3  (this is the most important card in the deck)

    Dark strike Fighter

    Gaia Knight, the force of the earth

    Goyo Guardian 

    Iron Chain dragon

    Magical Android

    Mist Wurm 

    Stardust Dragon. 

    Total deck 41 cards and 15 in the extra. 

    As I said feel free to test play and enjoy it. Let me know what you think about it. 

    One draw to rule them all.  One draw to bind them. One draw to bring them all in and in the Shadow Realm bind them. 

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    I'm not going to post my whole damn deck, but I will just say Morphtronic.

    Best Game of All Time: Donkey Kong Country

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    I run a lightsworn/syncro combo. use cards in deck like honest a few monarchs, some krebons. pot of avarice for draw potention big syncro are always Goyo, Black Rose Dragon, Stardust Dragon, Dark Strike fighter.

    But atm I'm trying to rebuild my old Fabled/Darkworld/Drill warrrior deck that was a very powerful & massively fun deck, but the random of card after winning. not being in any download pack makes this a very long process.

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    It does suck to spend hours just to get some new cards.  I sent konami and email about that and about the fact that you lose your points when people rage quit and just got a form letter back.  Asked them to give us an update that if you have three a card it gets checked so it doesn't come up again. It took me until after the update to get a third blues white dragon.

    One draw to rule them all.  One draw to bind them. One draw to bring them all in and in the Shadow Realm bind them. 

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    They should've done this game like they did the online game & after battle select from pack. so you get cards from the sorta collection to suit you, also a library of all cards in game & completion % would've been a fantastic option too

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    Stardust /Assault Mode and Glad Beasts. If this game wasn't as outdated I would have more decks built. I'm always missing a card or two that just happen to not be in the game >.>

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    Hello "DynoStorm"  :)


    I found my deck recipe for my "Blue-Eyes White Dragon / Normal Monsters Beatdown Dueling Deck" (real game, not video game), apparently I did write it down before it got dismantled.  Here is my new deck based on the March 1, 2013 Advanced Format Ban List  :)  Unfortunately, I still need to take these cards from my collection and put them into protective sleeves.  Have a nice day or afternoon or night!  :)  

    ---  MONSTERS  ---

    Blue-Eyes White Dragon          x3

    Luster Dragon                           x3

    Archfiend Soldier                      x3

    Gladiator Beast Andal               x3

    Insect Knight                             x3

    Kaiser Sea Horse                      x3

    ---  SPELLS  ---

    Lightning Vortex                        x3

    Dark Factory Of Mass Production          x3

    Two-Man Cell Battle                 x3

    Mystical Space Typhoon          x3

    ---  TRAPS  ---

    Justi-Break                              x3

    Skill Drain                                x3

    Dust Tornado                          x3

    Mirror Force                            x1

    ---  SIDE  ---

    Yomi Ship                               x3

    Swords Of Revealing Light          x3

    Monster Reborn                     x1

    Book Of Moon                       x1

    Heavy Storm                          x1

    Dark Hole                               x1

    Seven Tools Of The Bandit         x3

    Ultimate Offering                    x1

    Mirror Force                           x1

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    Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a Female  :)  She is the manisfestation of the spirit of Kisara's inner strenght and purity  :)  Its time to duel  :)

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    Ah how well does the deck run? I noticed that you have Monster Reborn in your side deck but not in your main. Reborn is usually a card that you want access to at all times. I would run 1 copy of Lightning Vortex and maybe throw in Smashing Ground or something. Vortex can cripple you late game with it's cost. There's this 4* 2000 ATK normal monster known as Alexandrite Dragon. Also, Rescue Rabbit works great in bringing out monsters. You can use it to swarm the field by Special Summoning 2 monsters from your deck but they're destroyed at the end of the turn. Swing of Memories and Birthright can be used to bring them from the grave as well. There's so many combinations to pull. One thing that worries me is that you don't have enough drawing power. Add cards to speed things up and thin your deck like Pot of Duality. 

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    Hello again "DynoStorm"  :)  


    I purchased every DLC pack for this game (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Decade Duels Plus) and trust me when I tell you that this was incredibly cheap when compared so some of the cards that I had to acquire for my collection  :)


    Deck Thining Cards  =  In regards to the real game, I have "Swing of Memories" and "Birthright".  I'm pretty sure that I don't have "Pot of Duality".  "Alexandrite Dragon" and "Rescue Rabbit" must be new cards because like I said, I stopped collecting cards in the middle GX series.


    As we speak, I am currently dissecting every pack that I purchased and I am making a new "Normal Monster Beatdown Deck" in this game.  I wish that I had all 3 copies of my "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and 3 copies of "Justi-Break" (as I only have 1 of each in the game) like I do in my collection.


    Have a nice day or afternoon or night!  :)

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    different days I have different luck with my decks. Alien, lightsworn, six samurai, battery, plant. I really want a spellcaster but cant get any dark magicians =(. But you all have some nice deck set-ups dyno storm, lei fang, and rs 01 dwej

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    I still dont have a blues eyes. Had the game since first release in 2010

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    The RNG for this game is a lot worst than the system that the ME3 MP store uses to determine what new characters, weapons, and Bonus Gear you get to unlock.  Just hang in there "STBALLA1990" because from my experience in the ME3 MP store, the characters, weapons and Bonus Gear will eventually start pouring in because the RNG has already thrown all of the other stuff at you; now it is forced to give you what you want  :)  Have a nice day or afternoon or night!  :)

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    My dueling deck (real, not video game) are now sleeve protected and ready to roll  :)  Have a nice day or afternoon or night everyone!  :)

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    March 1rst 2013 Advanced Format Ban List compliant  :)


    Vanilla Beatdown Deck (21 monsters 11 spells 11 traps)  --  This is my "real" deck, I don't have this cards in the game yet but I wish that I did already  :(


    Amphibian Beast                                x3

    Luster Dragon                                    x3

    Archfiend Soldier                                x3

    Insect Knight                                      x3

    Giant Rat                                            x3

    Skull Dog Marron                                x3

    Giant Soldier Of Stone                        x3


    Lightning Vortex                                   x3

    Dark Factory Of Mass Production        x3

    Mystical Space Typhoon                      x3

    Heavy Storm                                         x1

    Monster Reborn                                    x1


    Skill Drain                                             x3

    Raigeki Break                                       x3

    Justi-Break                                           x3

    Mirror Force                                         x2




    Have a nice day or afternoon or night everyone!  :)