Making Game developing team

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    Hey im new to making indie games for windows and xbox 360, Im still in the learning stage I can model with 3ds Max 2010 and Milkshape. I have a written C# Code That I found on the internet its called Newtons phyisics, I just dont know how to add my own 3d models,maps,guns,terrain,cars,ect in the codes because I dont know nothing about C# in Microsoft Visual 2010. I need someone who would want to make games with me and add me to xbox live and make up some plans of making new games. Someone thats good at Programing with C, C#, or C++, dont know much difference between all of them but wanna make my own game Develope team........Thanks.

    Add me to Xbox Live or send me a message or post please and thank you

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    i sent you a message a driend reqeust

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    lol i mean Friend request but dont worry i cant now anyway to busy i might make my own indie game hmmmmmm whatever cya