Indie Games in AUSTRIA???!!!

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    When are the Indie Games come to Austria??? It seems that every other country has them, but austrian people not! At least we should pay less than countries with Indie Games because features like that AND the Kinet Voicesystem doesn't work in Austria -.-  (I changed my Region to Germany and it worked just finde!! Most people in Austria are able to talk like German so why is this feature locked just because of the region)

    Sorry, but there is absoltly NO reson why these features are not available in Austria. Pls tell me when microsoft wants to change that...

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    I'm pretty sure that MS would sell the games in every possible place that they were allowed to (more sales = more money).  If Indie games aren't sold in Austria, it's most likely because the Austrian government is prohibiting it, not MS.

    By the way, there are over 200 countries on this planet, and only these 10 sell Indie games:

    United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Singapore, Spain

    1/20 (10/200) of all the countries in the world certainly is not "every other country [in the world]".

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    Yea, but you can almost say that Austria is the little Germany... our Laws are not much different than theirs.

    Our laws related to videogames are even better than the germans, we get all the games, no game is banned like in Germany.....

    By the way, Austrian are even not allowed to use the Kincet Voice feature?! ( we talk the same language as the Germans, and when the xbox region is changed to german it works, but when you go online it deactivates)

    That is not fair and discriminating........ he even have no Youtube Support, i mean wtf?!?!

    This makes me very angry...... the new update brought me nothing new, and now tell me why I should buy the *** kinect if half of the features doesn't work for me -.-

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    We Norwegians share your pain, I cannot fathom why our neighbour Sweden get them, but not us.. It's really not cool.

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    So is there a real reason or is Australia just being left out..

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    Fear no more peoples, EVERYONE can have Indie Games, just do the following;

    - new email (preferred to be US or UK email address)

    - new xbox live account (to get indie games)

    - download the new account to your console, Indie Games should be visible now

    - add a few points to that new account of yours and purchase the choosen game

    - wait till it downloads

    - sign out from the new account on your console, and sign in as the normal player

    - have fun <3

    that's how i got CastleMiner too, i live in Hungary and there's no indie games to us.. so i did as i said above..

    IMPORTANT! The region when you create the new xbox live account must be UK or US if you wanna find Indie Games.

    Wish you guys luck <333

    ~ Fire Kitten 86

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    Austria and Australia is NOT THE SAME