Connection between Xbox, PC, iOS and Android? (Minecraft)

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    Personally, I think Minecraft is getting boring.

    But, once they've caught up with all the updates, do you guys think it would be a good idea to be able to join servers for Minecraft on PC? The same goes for iOS and Android, although I'm more of an Android fan.

    Please discuss, as this is a feature we should all expect to be hearing rumours about soon!

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    I don't see that being possible,

    They are trying to bridge the gap between console and pc, but in the end pc will still claim victor.

    But trying to fully port it over to Android Tablets and/or phones is not possible, its much to large and requires extensive memory to fulfill those requirements

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    the Xbox is nothing more than a PC, with a more consistent system architecture, running its applications in a much more paralleled processing mode, including a DRM based production line for its video games and software.

    Android is now being pushed on next generation devices, clocked high, and even with dual cores.

    Minecraft Pocket Edition has already been released. A Full Port, with minimized GUI for tap screen interface input.

    The problem lies with in the server's, and their architecture. Most Xbox live games run off of Microsoft dedicated servers, and use the GamerTag system, coupled with MatchMaking, to create lobbies for people to find other players, then join them, and then to Play with them directly, or semi directly (usually through a Player Host).

    My assumption is that each Minecraft distribution uses its own networking paradigm, and proprietary server setups, and the simple fact is that is would take too much time- and pose to be much to costly- to wire these all together.

    Some high bro developers have have likely done this in the past, notably Final Fantasy 11, however, it did not actually use the Match Making algorithms, but rather, its own line of dedicated MMORPG servers: and here in lies the problem.

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    I think it shouldn't be to difficult to connect PC servers with Console servers, I know of a specific game "Final Fantasy 11 Online" Was PC and PlayStation it was an easy and smooth transition to switch between. X-box just needs to Catch up on these Simple Updates for Minecraft!

    Minecraft is allot of fun with the X-box controller and the ability to play with 4 people on 1 TV is a great idea 2.. but people really enjoy playing this game with others, and personally I'd have allot more friends to play this game with if PC and Xbox Connected Servers!

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    i cant connect my minecraft pe to xbox live please can someone help me??