Slender Man

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    just a request,  but can someone make a Slender Man game for xbox live?, I've seen a lot of pc games of it but I'd like to play it on a system.

    I sat in a tree camping... ... ... ... RAGE QUIT wins 0 losses 10000 games 10000 STOP CAMPING... psn=antman155
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    It's not exactly Slender Man, but I recall seeing a game called "White Noise" which has you looking for 8 radios and plays exactly the same way. Here's a gameplay video for it: watch?v=G4JOC0G42I0

    Hope this was helpful.

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    They are trying to release slender arrival for xbox 360. look it up it is more scary than the last


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    That looks so scary when it realeasing

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    rage quit

    jasdeep bhambra singh