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    For 14, I think EA should introduce a Manual controls trophy into Ultimate team, or add some sort of coin modifier boost, if you beat someone with manual controls and they are using fully assisted.

    The same should apply if you beat someone who has a full gold team, with an a vastly inferior team. You should be rewarded somehow.

    This would not only make things fairer, but would encourage players to make use of all the different players in the game, rather than the majority resorting to choosing the players that have one overriding attribute(pace) at 90/100.

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    I wish they would give Ultimate Team something like you mention for there to be an incentive to play different than the norm. Unfortunately Ultimate Team's core gameplay is way more simplified and random than career and seasons.


    We'll see how it's balanced. I was often turned away by how blatantly against you the game can be at once and how you'll get all sorts of bounces and fouls go your way. If there was less of that I'd be inclined to play it more.


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    manda o comvite pra mim pra nois jogar online

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    Playing manual in 14 is nearly impossible.