• Level   1

    I am at the Part right after you fight that brood and she cuts the big rock. Then you have to take your group w/e to the tunnels and block arrows I get to the end and no longer can move or attack the bowmen what do I do?

    • Level   5

    did you find the spears? if you are where i think you are, you have to pick up spears and throw them at the bowmen. look for the green glowing spear rack/pile.

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    • Level   7

    If you're where I think you are then it's one that puzzled me as well.


    I think if you try pulling the "RT" button your soldiers will turtle with you and if you hit either LT or a bumper they'll throw spears.


    It was such a gap between throwing my first spears in turtle position that I'd completely forgotten to do when I got to that part myself.



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