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how much are credits

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I just started to look at the new rewards program and I have one question how much is 5,000 credits anyway. is it $5, $10 or what

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    Hi Daehxkcuf! Thank you for reaching out. 5000 Rewards Credits is equal to $5 USD. This is noted in the Terms & Conditions: Cheers!

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    I am interested in this as well.  Thank you.  

    It SHOULD be mentioned on the site but is missing for some reason or I could not find it - both kind of unacceptable if you are aiming to inform the public about everything Xbox Rewards related.

    Good luck my friend.
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    I was very disappointed that nowhere on the rewards website does it mention how much money you get from your credits. I can find countless places that explain that you get them deposited every 5,000 credits (or 1,000 if you request it), but I just find it very odd that they do not mention it anywhere. I would think that this would be included in the FAQs they have up on the webpage. Hopefully, this gets answered very soon!!

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    5,000 is $5

    It says this in the questions link in the new rewards home page.

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    I am glad it is listed there.  Still, I looked for about as long as I wanted and did not see it.  Maybe it could be more prominent.  Thank you.

    Good luck my friend.