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why is xbox live so expensive?

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hello i think Microsoft should stop charging people to play on xbox live I mean xbox live is expensive and if you guys cant fix that problem, maybe there should be some options, there should be other choices. I mean i know thats hoe you guys make money but come on now, $60 a year thats a little expensive dont you think, I think you should find a better solution to this.

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    Hi there, kfc00! For general feedback, please visit

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    I TOTALLY agree!  We don't have cable or satellite tv..but we do have Netflix.  We can run Netflix through our ps3 but not the Xbox. I seriously am considering trading the Xbox in for something else just for that reason alone.  

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    Why don't you go over to PlayStation, then?  We Xbox users prefer quality over the mediocre, hackable service offered by Sony.  I know many people who own consoles for both platforms, and they ALL talk about how inferior the PlayStation Network is.  Sure it's free... but you get what you pay for!

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    This should go in the feedback section since it's not a Rewards program issue -

    Live prepaid cards can always be found on sale. I've never paid more then $35 for a year of Live.