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New Xbox Live Rewards - VIP Status Issue

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Hello. I have been an Xbox Live Rewards member for a while. The new Xbox Live Rewards program has messed my profile up a bit. Where it says "My VIP Status", it should say "Champion". However, it says "Unlock Now". When you click on the "Unlock Now" button, it asks you to "Go Gold". I have been a Gold Member since the start. My Gamerscore is over 10,000 and falls in the Champion category. My friend, who joined rewards much after me, has no issue of this sort. It says "Contender" in his profile, as it should. Please fix this issue.

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    Hi there, Olfane! We looked into the matter, and unfortunately not all Xbox Live Gold membership types will qualify as Gold on the Xbox Live Rewards site. They include free, trial, and some promotional Gold memberships and/or those periods on your membership. Unfortunately you are currently in the noted period, so for that reason you will not be updated in MyAchievements tier until November 2013. Thanks!

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    My main concern is that I will be buying many more games soon. The purchases cannot be delayed due to timed sales on Xbox. With that in mind, I won't be able to use my VIP benefits. Seeing as how I am supposed to be a "Champion", I will be owed Rewards Credits for my purchases, that I have made in September and any other that go along with it.