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How Long Before Points Become Pending? (Gold Membership + Console Purchase)

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I recently purchased a 12+2 month X Box Live gold card which I redeemed as soon as I received it on Friday 17th August. The extra 14 months were added to my Live account successfully. However, when I log into X Box Live Rewards I don't see any changes to my points balance and there isn't anything in the pending points section either. Yet I notice that extending membership by 12 months is supposed to be worth at least 200 points. I spoke to a telephone advisor but was told that I may not have allowed enough time for changes to be reflected in X Box Live Rewards. 

Could anyone else (e.g. who has purchased extra gold membership) advise me on how long it normally takes for X Box Live Rewards to show the points as pending?

I also recently purchased a new X Box 360 S console (ordered 10th August) to replace my 5 year old, tired (and very noisy) 360 Core. Along with this I purchased an official data transfer cable and WiFi N adaptor so I could relocate the old X Box 360. The new console has been registered with Microsoft ( I was just wondering if the purchase and registration of a new console is rewarded with any bonus points? It should be I would have thought, is quite a significant outlay afterall, in the last month alone I must have spent over £200 on Microsoft kit! Surely i should be getting some bonus points for it?


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    Renewal points should show as pending up to 96 hours after the subscription starts (not from the day you add the time). You do have to be on a gold subscription when you add the time, or add the time within 15 days of your previous subscription expiring, in order to qualify.

    Unfortunately, there are no rewards offers for purchasing hardware at this time. You can see all of the current rewards offers on the rewards site.

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    Hi there, SteallickUK! Thank you for reaching out. Your 12-month renewal begins at the end of this month. Renewal Rewards Points show up under Pending when the subscription starts, and not on the very day that you renew. That said, you should see those renewal Rewards Points under pending towards the end of this month :) As for the purchase of your new hardware for the Xbox 360, we are sorry to inform that we do offer Rewards Points for those purchases. We do however offer Rewards Points for all other opportunities listed here: While we do not offer Rewards Points for hardware purchases for your Xbox 360, we want to thank you for bringing that up as it's great feedback. When you get a chance, please plug this in the "Still a Skeptic?" form on the Xbox LIVE Rewards home page ( The Rewards Program is always looking for thoughts on how to delight our members. Thanks SteallickUK!

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