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To whom it may concern,

I did the 10 hours of ESPN and received the 100 MS Points in a manor of minutes.  I've been waiting days for my 20 MS Points from the survey.  now i have 180 MS Points but i should have 200 MS Points and the time for monthly deposits are closing in I would like to have all 200 Points deposited but idk why its being delayed...any ideas or help??!?!?!


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    Hi Betty! Thanks for reaching out. The Points for the ESPN usage for the September offer are under Pending on the Xbox LIVE Rewards site. Please make sure you log in ( and click on Points Pending to see a line item for that! As for the September survey, can you let us know when you completed this action? We're going to look into this matter for you. Thanks in advance!

    Also, we do want you to know that deposits are scheduled for the 15th or 30th. When your Points get deposited depends on when you reach the 100 Points mark. Say you earn Points from the 1st-14th and they are above 100 Points, you will receive a deposit of Points on the 30th of that month. On the other hand, say you earn Points earned anytime after 15th-30th, you will receive a deposit of Points the following month on the 15th, if you've met the 100 Points mark. If you fulfilled an action (such as the September offer), there is going to be a 96 hours wait to see the Points under Pending. When you see them on the Rewards site, they are dated on the day that you fulfilled the action, so you won't need to worry about the Points deposits being impacted. As for the September survey, if we find that this was an error, we're going to date them on the date that you attempted to take the survey, so they are a part of your deposit at the end of this month with the Points batch that will be going to you.


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    How long did u wait probaly wait until the next survey comes

    treavion campbell