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Subscription Gold Membership not being Recognized with Rewards

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I have the 2 yr Contract Gold Subscription and Xbox Rewards does not recognize it as a Gold membership. I do not receive any rewards for payments to my gold membership and I also can not choose the unlock achievements option. Can someone please help.

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    Hi SBOOG87! Thank you for reaching out. We looked into the matter, and unfortunately your Gold subscription type will not be recognized as Gold on the Xbox LIVE Rewards site. Not all Gold subscriptions are considered Gold, which includes Xbox LIVE trial and free memberships, as well as some promotional Gold subscription. For that reason, you are considered free. We are sorry to share the disappointing news with you. Thank you for contacting us.

    @Zero to Elite, make sure you post your own message on the forum so that we can address you there! Thanks.

    Xbox Live Rewards Squad

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    Any answers at all?

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    Me too bro

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    Same here.  This program is a joke.

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    I got my answer, but I don't think its fair I am still paying 15 a month for my subscription and I get nothing

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    Agreed, That is bull crap. We are paying more than a regular gold price. Why are we not included into the rewards program.

    -Chancely S


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    Well I've been paying for annual gold and am not recognized so I'd like to know which one is. I have it set to auto-renewal and have payed like four years in advance for the service so I'm am truly baffled.