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Pending points

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I have 3 different pending points. one dates back to Feb. Why haven't i received them yet. Who can i contact about getting them?

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    It depends on how many points you have pending. Points are deposited by the following 15th or 30th of the month after you have earned at least 100 points. So if you haven't gotten 100 yet, they will remain pending until you do.

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    Points are automatically deposited into your account for use around the 15th and around the 30th of the month if you have at least 100 points pending. If the Rewards site shows that you have points that have been awarded (in the green) then those points should have already been added to your account. You can check your account at and click Microsoft Points to check your points activity since you've been in the program to see if it shows the points being deposited. Sometimes it's easy to miss a deposit and spend the points before you realize they're there.