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Points forever pending.

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So I really want to change my gamertag but I currently have 700 microsoft points. Oh did I mention that I have another 100 forever pending in XBL Rewards?

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    Points are deposited by the following 15th or 30th of the month after you earn at least 100 points. Since you hit 100 on the 17th, the points will be deposited by November 15.

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    Hi o Tommm o! Smwuthces is correct in that Points are only scheduled for deposits when you reach 100 Points. This is why there was as delay in the delivery of your Points. As of the beginning of this month though, those Pending Points have been deposited. As for changing your Gamertag, that is something you can do. Just note that if you create a new Xbox LIVE account with a new Microsoft account and Gamertag, it is against our Terms & Conditions to transfer your Points from one account to another. Thank you!

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