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I still do not get any emails from xbox

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Title says it all, despite my account having every setting correct when it comes to email, I do not ever get any. I do not get anything in my spam folder and I have opted to receive emails. Does anyone know how to fix this?

it worries me as I obviously have never received an email from Rewards either, and I do not want to miss out on the gold spartan armor.

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    Hi DemonCarnotaur! Thanks for reaching out. There are two cases that can attribute to the emails not being sent to you. 1) Did you opt out of Xbox LIVE communications? If so, we would not be able to send you emails.  2) Did you get a chance to check what contact email you have down? We would be emailing you there. To verify which email we have on record, please visit Cheers!

    Xbox Live Rewards Squad

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    Hi, I actually have checked those two things out and I am opted in, and my email is correct. I still do not receive any emails and I  can't figure out why. When I did not receive my Gold Spartan Armor I was told this:

    "Hi DemonCarnotaur! Thanks for the note. We looked into this matter, and you are indeed eligible for the Halo Armor. The reason why you did not receive the email is because the contact email you have down is invalid, as there appears to be a typo in the portion. Please visit to make that update so that in the future, you will receive emails from us :) In the meantime, I'm happy to PM you your armor! Look out for a PM shortly ok? Cheers!"

    Now I know my email is correct, but I did try changing it to something else correct and still no luck.. is there any way to override this on your end?