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Nuketown 2025 Map Code

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Ok - My son's Nuketown 2025 map code will not work. 

He entered it to download the map, apparently hit his controller which canceled the download. 

Now when he goes back to try and re-enter and start download again, he receives a message that code was already used. 

But he never received the downloaded map. 

Can he get a new code? Or is he just out of luck? 

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    hey, go to your download history and it should be there to download.  I've done that before by accident.  Hope this helps you.

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    I can't find download history in xbox

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    Hi there, Viewing Horse! Please reach out here for support on downloading: Cheers!

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    Thanks for the help guys! It was an easy fix! He is a Happy boy now. : )

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    nah ***