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Where’s my Points? – How to Find and Track your Rewards Points Deposits

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You visit the Xbox LIVE Rewards site and login to the MyRewards page, and the site notes that you have been awarded a total of X Rewards Points. Those awarded Rewards Points are ones that have been deposited into your Xbox LIVE account, but you find yourself wondering: Where are my Rewards Points?

Here are some steps you can take to find the whereabouts of your awarded Rewards Points and when those deposits occurred to your Xbox LIVE account.

STEP 1: Visit the Microsoft Billing site

Sign in with Microsoft account tied to your Gamertag into the Microsoft Billing site. Once you’re in, click on Transactions from the menu. 

STEP 2: Update the filters on the Transaction page
Update the View From, View To, and Payment Option filters.

Selecting the following recommended filters will allow for you to best locate Rewards Points deposits.

  1. Select the earliest month possible from View From.
  2. Select the current month from View To.
  3. Select Microsoft Points as Rewards deposits are categorized under this Payment Option.

Click Search

STEP 3: Look for Rewards Points Deposits
Deposits from the Xbox LIVE Rewards program occurs around the 15th and 30th of each month. Deposits from the Program are in batches of 100 Points or more. Rewards Points deposits are labeled as Credit. The Microsoft Billing site will not list out the specific Rewards opportunity that has been deposited. From there, the total amount of Rewards Points deposited should add up with the amount of awarded Rewards Points listed on the Xbox LIVE Rewards site.

STEP 4: Contact Us!
Your Rewards Points deposit doesn’t match up? Keep in mind that the Microsoft Billing site only shows you Points transactions and Rewards Points deposits from one year out, so you won’t be able to see deposits from over a year ago. Reach out to us through the Forums, if you have questions.

Hope that helps!

Xbox Live Rewards Squad