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12 Month Membership

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A few days ago I renew gold for a 12 month membership, so I should get the 200 reward points, but i havent got them already, do i have to make anything else to get them? or i just have to wait?

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    Hi Maui xD! Thanks for the note. We are sorry to inform you that you were not eligible for those renewal Rewards Points as you needed to be a Xbox LIVE Gold member at the time of your renewal. It does not look like you met that requirement so for that reason you were not eligible for the Points. Keep that in mind next time and you should be set. Thank you!

    Xbox Live Rewards Squad

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    Renewal points are given 96 hours after the subscription starts, not necessarily from the day you add the time. You do have to be on a gold subscription when you add the time, or add the time within 15 days of your previous subscription expiring, in order to qualify.