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Champion reward gift

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I have yet to receive my e-mail for my Champion gift even though this is my birthday month.  When am I likely to receive this?

I have been previously advised that the date I gave as my date of birth is in August which is incorrect. I distinctly remember entering my date of birth correctly and as this  'birthday month' doesn't correlate with when I even first set up my Xbox Live account, I am puzzled why Xbox Live support are providing the incorrect date of birth.

I have noticed a lot of similar questions from people having the same issue and I found it very strange that the answer always provided by support was that everyone's birthdate was in August.

Ideally I would like an answer as to where my gift is, why Xbox Live support staff state they have the wrong birthdate when I know I entered the correct date and a correction on my account with the correct date of birth. I am, of course, happy to provide as much security information as I can and if I cannot obtain my requests as stated above, I would like to be notified of the process you have to make a data subject request for a copy of all of my personal information held regarding my Xbox Live account under the Data Protection Act 1998, especially as Principle 4 of the DPA states "Personal data shall be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date".

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    Hello AnEvilVet! Thanks for reaching out regarding this matter. Unfortunately we cannot control and/or update the Birthday that was first recorded when your Xbox LIVE account was created. Per Xbox LIVE, once that date is established by the Xbox LIVE member, it cannot be changed. For more information in regards to managing your Xbox LIVE account, please reach out here: Thanks!

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