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Not giving me credit

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Xbox Live Rewards isn't giving me credit for... well anything other than the survey I took in January

It seems to be considering me 'non-gold' event though I'm an XBox gold subscriber. 

I should have earned:

2/20/13 Survey - 20

2/20/13 12-month Live Gold - 200

1st Purchase on Xbox LIVE Marketplace - 100

Activate and Use a New Netflix Subscription on Xbox LIVE - 100

February: rent or buy five HD Movies, seven HD TV Shows - 200

Also, I have 3000+, and should be a contender.

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    Hello JMSmitty123! Your January and February survey Points are under Pending at this time. Rewards Points are only scheduled for a deposit when your each 100 Points Pending.  We are sorry to inform you that you did not receive Points for this 12-month Gold subscription, as you were not eligible. Since this was your 1st Gold subscription purchase, you would have needed to make the subscription purchase online via the Marketplace to qualify for the Rewards Points. It looks like this subscription was via a prepaid card, so for that reason you will not receive the 1st Gold purchase Rewards Points. When it comes time to renew, you can renew via prepaid and have the opportunity to earn Rewards Points. Just make sure you renew within 15-days of your previous subscription expiring, and you should be set. Xbox LIVE free and trial memberships do not qualify for Rewards Points. In order to qualify for the Rewards Points for Netflix, your first usage and activation of Netflix must take place while you are a Rewards member. You must also keep the service for one month before you see the Points under Pending. At this time we are not seeing that you have fulfilled the one month requirement. Keep using Netflix, and you will surely see the Points. Finally, February offer Points will be seen under Pending by March 15th. Thanks!

    Xbox Live Rewards Squad

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    February offer Points are not provided until next month.


    Are you positive it was actually your very first purchase on the market place?


    Also if you had used Netflix at all on your console before you were an rewards member you will actually no longer be eligible, This happened to me. :(


    Your 12 month renewal give 96 hours to appear on points pending, 4-5 days just to be safe before you become worried about them.


    Not sure on the contender


    But I can be sure that XBLRewards5 will be by soon enough to give you official answers and let you know if any of these were not qualified for. or push your points through for you.


    Goodluck -Listed




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    I read through the TOS as well and to add to Lm510 comments on Netflix. You lose your points/credit for downloading and watching a movie on Netflix if you had downloaded the app onto an XBOX using your Live profile and then activated an account before November 2010. I remember Netflix used to have different TOS with customers who signed-up using the XBOX instead of going online etc....  If you get a new profile name or have closed and opened a new account you should be able to receive credity but lose any unclaimed rewards from prior account. Also there is a one week grace period to allow for renewals between activations.

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    NOVEMBER 2011