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refer a friend

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A few days ago I refered my partner to xbox live gold and I havent had my points for that at all where are my points

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    Hi Hatchjunior! As Smwutches has noted, it can take up to 45 days to both see your Refer a Friend Points to show up under Pending, if you both qualified for them. Here's why the wait is essential: The referred friend must purchase the Xbox LIVE Gold membership online within fourteen days of receiving the Refer a Friend email sent to them when you initiated when you visited to refer them (Xbox LIVE Gold retail code redemptions and promotional memberships do not qualify). Additionally, the friend must keep the Xbox LIVE Gold membership for at least thirty days. Keep in mind that your friend must also be an active Xbox LIVE Rewards member when they took these actions. That said, it can take some time to meet all of those requirements to earn Points for Refer a Friend. To learn more about the Terms here, please visit If you and your friend has met all of those requirements listed, then rest assure that you will see those Rewards Points in due time.

    Xbox Live Rewards Squad

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    It takes up to 45 days to receive points from refer a friend offers.

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    How many points do you get for referring a friend

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    You would get 100 points and they would get 400. Keep in mind, they have to purchase the gold directly from the link in the email they are sent. If they use a prepaid card, you will not receive the points.

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    Shes all ready on gold