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Change my age?

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When i signed up for Xbox 3 years ago it was only a laugh so i decided to put my age to something young so as a result of that i cannot play the battle field 3 beta i was wondering if i could change my age in the settings i have tried changing my online safety as adult but it still tells me im to young 

if anyone can answer this question please respond here or email me at my email

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  • When most people lie about their age it is to make themselves older than what they really are.


    Once you enter your birthdate during the account creation process it is locked in and can never be changed. So your only recourse is one of two actions:


    -wait until the account age reaches 18 years and then promote it from child to adult




    -create a new account with your correct date of birth

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    sorry, once you've set you date of birth with xbox live, it's set in stone, thats why they warn you to get it accurate in the sign up stage. the only thing to do is to make a new account.

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    also i am wondering if i can disable the whole 'family settings'

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    Go to and sign in. Next click on registered information and change your birth date i just did lol

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    Bringing back an old thread wasn't necessary

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