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Cancel Auto-Renew

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I am trying to cancel my auto renew but this amazingly helpful site is stopping me (almost as if it is just trying to take my money and not caring about customer service).

I have been onto the account options to remove a card, this does not work. I have gone through the auto renewal page, but that keeps saying 'An error occurred cancelling automatic renewal.'. I have tried the live chat but nobody was around to help *gasp*. 

The simple fact is I do not want to be paying for this service when I will be without internet for a few months, which is entirely understandable to any normal person not hell bent on wringing every last penny from somebody. 

Any explanation for this? 

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    Phyrre. I am sorry for your frustration and for no one being around in chat. When there is a problem with auto renewal your best option is to contact Xbox Support: 1-800-469-9269 (US number). I understand that an error occurred while trying to cancel it and without canceling it you cannot take a card off of the account. Also Xbox Support can take the card you wish to remove off, although please keep in mind that while you have an Xbox Gold Subscription you need to have a payment method on file. Also anytime that you add on more months, you will again need to deactivate auto renewal should you wish to do so.

    Good ol\' Rus!

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    Unfortunately I am in England so that number is not valid for me. I was only intending to close my account for a month or so while I move into a new place and sort internet, but if it is going to be this much hassle to adjust my account I may just not bother starting it up again.

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    The number for the United Kingdom: 0800 587 1102. To be on the safe side I would call the Xbox Support to make sure that you aren't charged for any months that you do not want to be.

    Good ol\' Rus!

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    Is this system in place to make what should be an incredibly simple act become from drawn out and frustrating so people eventually give up?

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    nope the system is not ment for multiple browsers or at least people who know how to operate a browser

    when you have errors with webpages

    its usually because of the browser

    (webkit based ones like safari or chrome have issues with facebook and many sites)

    your best bet for online cancelation is either a phone call or ie 9 or higher

    you still have to call 90% of the times for your other services for cancelations since it still the number one used method

    you should be used to it by now



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    I don't really understand what point(s) you're trying to make there. So you're saying the site is badly made because it doesn't really work?

    There are many routes on the site that down work, and I have investigated alternate routes for support which also seem lacking. I tried cancelling through my xbox and that also failed. It seems that it is a very poor system in place, perhaps purposely, to try and cease payments. I'm sure it shouldn't be that hard to have such a simple thing in place.

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    suggestion use a different browser

    or clear your browser cache

    internet basics 101


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    I am currently experiencing this same freaking problem. Even following the instructions that are listed on how to turn off auto renewal in the My Account menus led to me finding out that the option doesn't exist. I want to punch someone in the face. And I don't want to spend an hour on the phone struggling to communicate with someone that hardly speaks English, something this simple should be able to all be done online.

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    clear your cookies and clear your browser files and cache then closer the browser and try again

    if you are using chrome

    try some other browser

    if you want to know how to clear your browser cache settings then call support because it will be faster


    it should only take 10 seconds to clear the browser cache and close a window




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    Alternate browsers - Same issue.

    Clear cookies/cache - Same issue.

    Any other ideas that do not allow this extremely badly implemented service to rightly receive criticism for being such a horrible thing?

    And no I cannot call support as it is closed.

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    then call them tommorrow


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    I had heard rumours months ago that trying to cancel xbox live was like trying to pull teeth from a wild bear using the power of the mind, and thought that was never going to be true and they were clearly exaggerating. Having gone through so much hassle with every avenue of 'support' just a way to try and distract you or annoy you enough that you give up. Having the options on the website and on the console yet neither of them work for what is essentially a tickbox. And now they're leaving me the only option of phoning the support line which will likely result in a 40 minute phonecall  with someone constantly trying to dissuade me or sell me some crap.

    Thank you Microsoft. I never used to bear any grudge over everything you've done, but as it stands now, you can take a long walk off a short pier. And catch a terminal illness while you're at it.

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    Which web browser are you using? Try it with Internet Explorer.


    And, OBTW, the Billing agents for US-Canadian customers are all in North America.

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