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is there a way to recover your email using the gamertag?

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i have a xbox live account already and gamertag and all but this name is not the one i use on my xbox even though it has what i thought was the same email. i sat down on and used the information i thought i was and this account popped up, yet the account i normally use isnt anywhere. so i wanted to know if i could find the email using just my gamertag rather than the whole windows live crap.

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  • I will agree that "...the whole windows live" thing is crap.  Said that for years now.  Anyway, the only way to recover any account is with both the email and the password.  If you don't know one or other, then you will have to call MS and go thru the account verification process.  You can do it over the phone or get an email form.

    The catch is that you have to answer their questions correctly...if you don't they won't help you.  If you do they can give you a link to change the password to your account.  Now, if I understand your post (which is hard by the way) you want to recover an account (but not the one you are posting here).  If that is correct, and you don't know the email associated with that account, then you will have do the account verification process.

    Another catch is that MS will not tell you what you will just have to keep trying until you get it right,  I would use the email form, since you can spend some time researching the answers.  It took me 8 months and 6 forms to gain access to an account I had lost.

  • sign into your profile

    goto settings

    manage my account

    windows live id

    that being said to get the windows live id validation form

    which is what redshift used and i helped him with that

    you can use this article


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    well i have access to the account because it is on my xbox. i was trying to figure out what the accounts info was for my computer.

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    and how do i request the form?

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    thanks you all helped a lot!

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