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How i can change my account from russia to usa ?

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I live in Israel. after the first installation I pointed the country due to the fact that Russia is my native language. but now I can not buy the game through my Mastercard! How do I transfer my account to the usa? In the lists of countries where it is possible to transfer my account, except Madagascar, Ethiopia, Eritrea, no civilized country is no more!
What should I do?

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  • you mean the windows live id

    you need to make a new windows live id  at and

    xbox live account on the console

    if you created it online then you must recover the gamertag


  • I would also recommend creating your new account on This process is a little more in-depth and lets you make sure you are setting the region properly.

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    you have to create a new account

    since you do not live in an actual xbox live region you may have issues downloading region locked content


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    I tried to create a new account, but the console still connected under the old account

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    Thank you my friend for the tip! I try to do as you said...