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Xbox Live account keeps signing out

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After 30 mins, my account regularly signs out, it is the only profile on my xbox, and i have never had a problem with it until recently after my last box RROD. I got another console (an arcade), and this issue has popped up.

There arent any apparent issues with the box, and i am fully paid up on Gold until 2013 with good broadband capacity.

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    any help would be much appreciated

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    Hey there Trooper, sorry to hear about this issue! Have you had a chance to try re-downloading your profile yet? You can do so by selecting the 'download profile' option from the sign-in menu. Give that a try, and then let us know if it helps! :-)

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    I have downloaded my profile again, and the problem still occurs. I have narrowed it down to when I am watching anything on Netflix. Has anyone else had a problem with Netflix.

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    Hey there Trooper!  My apologies about the signing out issue.  Is this issue only occurring when you are on Netflix?  If so, could you try and delete, then re-download the app and let us know if that resolves the issue?  Thanks! :)

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    I have deleted and redownloaded the app, and this issue persists.

    However, instead of it happening every 30 mins, it has become more random.

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    Greetings, the trooper. Does this happen when you log in with a different gamertag or is it just limited to yours? You may also want to try clearing your cache by following these instructions: Hope this helps! Keep us posted.

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    It's just limited to my gamertag, I only have one tag on my xbox.

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    Hey there Trooper.  Including to what Mister Darcy said, have you tried at all to see if this issue occurs on another Gamertag?  If possible, do you think you can create another account to see if it has the same issues with your new account as well?  Thanks! :)

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    I've checked on another account, and its the same. The issue has now spread to other apps (BBC Iplayer and 4od). I'm now starting to tear my hair out.

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    Hi there Trooper!  Thanks for letting us know about that.  Also, did you try Mister Darcy's suggestion?  If so, how did that go for ya buddy?  Thanks! :)