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Changing Xbox Live Account to another email?

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Hello. If you can't tell by the ridiculous gamertag and no gamerscore, this isn't my account.

My real account is still usable but the email I used however, is not.

I'm auto-logged in when I sign onto my Xbox but whenever I try to get to or my hotmail account, I need to use the email I used on the gamertag.

My question is: Is there a way I can change my email address on the same gamertag? I may need to buy a new Xbox soon (due to the Disc Tray not reading my games) and I'll be crushed if I can't use my gamertag since the email I used to register it was blocked.

I have a gmail account, another hotmail account, a yahoo, and an AOL email so I'm not worried about switching it to something more reliable, I just can't sign into the other email cause it was blocked and I have no idea how to get it back on, it says to send a code to another email address but the backup isn't one I use anymore.

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    Hmm the OP may struggle if the email address used for their the primary xbox live account is blocked / invalid. When an email address becomes invalid it can no longer be changed.

    OP don't fret about buying a new console, you can still transfer your profile to a new one simply by putting your profile on a memory stick, using data transfer cable or using your hard drive with the new console (the last option will not work if have the old shapped xbox and are buying the new shapped one).

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    So the Windows Live ID that you use for the gamertag you normally play with has been blocked? If that is the case, You will want to walk through the steps shown on the link Vixxiie gave. Unfortunately, Xbox support and Windows Live support are two separate division, so unblocking it can only be done on the Windows Live end. Also, moving the profile over with a memory unit will still prompt you for the WLID and pw if the console you're moving the profile too has not yet been established as a trusted console.  Best thing to do is get it unblocked with Windows Live, then try moving it if need be. Good luck to you :)