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Error Code 80154002

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So I've been running around with XBox Support, and Windows Live Support for the past month trying to get a lost password for a Windows Live account.  I finally spoke with someone at the corporate office who was able to help me resolve that issue.  Just to be on the safe side I decided to start up a new Windows Live account and move my gamer tag to that new windows live account, however when I attempt to do this on my XBox I get error code 80154002.  So I came here to see if I could find some information out in the forums, but when I logged on to the website it tells me my gamer tag is "FewerThought33."  This is not my gamer tag. In fact, it seems that the website just created that tag for me for no apparent reason.   My gamer tag on my XBox is "fahey."  How can I change the "fahey" gamer tag from one Windows Live ID to a different one? 

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    Ullyses68,  these forums work best when you create a new thread with a first post of your own, as the original poster's problem and solution, although similar, could be very different in detail. It's great that you're researching here, but the quickest path to a solution is your own thread.  That being said:


    This issue often is caused by missing proofs or other missing information in your Microsoft Account or Xbox account.  I'd go to and sign in there then click on Edit Security Info to make sure you have a cellphone number, an alternate email address and a security question/secret answer there. After you check that, please change your password.


    Then, go to and sign in there, click on My Account, then choose Billing Contact Information from the left side of the web page, and make sure all the information is up to date there.

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    My source says your error code does not exist. Might it be one of the ones above?

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    Greetings, Fewer. Are you encountering any error messages along with the code you are mentioning and if so, at what point does it appear? I would recommend following the steps in the link that Snub posted for how to move your gamertag to a different Windows LIVE ID. Give it a shot and let us know if this helps!

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    I got the same error code of 80154002 as well.  I accidentally created a new xbox live account under the wrong profile on our xbox 360 instead of my profile, and, when I went to try and change the user account linked to the profile, I get this error message.  And I can't find anything online about it either.